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Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering also known as BEE is an important subject in B. Tech 1st year. It as a compulsory subject for 1st year in engineering.


Let's study 

Important topics of Basic Electrical Engineering 

3 Phase Induction Motor

An electrical motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most commonly used motor for three-phase AC (Alternating Current) operation is a three-phase induction motor, which does not require an additional starting mechanism. Self-starting induction motors are the name for these types of motors.

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AC Complex Notations

Complex numbers are utilised to study and compute currents and voltages in AC (alternating current) circuits, as well as the resistance, capacitor impedance, and inductor impedance, which are all represented by complex numbers. It is also demonstrated how the use of complex impedances allows for the mathematical modelling of AC circuits using a law similar to Ohm's law.

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AC Fundamentals

Let's go through the AC Fundamentals needed to analyse networks made up of multiple alternating current and voltage sources, resistances, and inductive and capacitive reactances in a quick overview.
An alternating current or voltage is one whose magnitude and direction change on a regular basis. Cycles are used to measure the size and direction of such changes. Each half-cycle in AC Fundamentals consists of two half-cycles: positive and negative. Current increases in magnitude in one direction, reaches maximum, and then begins to decrease; however, as it passes through zero, it increases in the opposite direction and behaves similarly.

                                                        Download full pdf attached below

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