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Best software for 2 in 1 laptops for students and professionals

If you want to use a stylus or your fingers for handwritten notes or drawings, a 2-in-1 laptop with a touch screen is your best choice. When you're letting your creative juices out, these convertible laptops give you more power than a touchpad.

Here is the list of best software for 2 in 1 laptops for students and professionals.


Cost: Free, Premium features with Microsoft office subscription

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Web and Linux

With notebooks, parts, and chapters, Microsoft OneNote is arranged like a digital three-ring binder. It's compatible with macOS, Android, iOS, and the cloud. OneNote comes in two varieties, and it's good to know the differences between them.

OneNote 2016 is available for download for free from the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store. OneNote for Windows 10 is a universal utility that comes pre-installed with the operating system.

More advanced features, such as the Math Assistant, are available with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Because of its focus on educational features, OneNote is one of the best note-taking applications for students.


  • OneNote supports freeform text, which you can enter and place anywhere.

  • Share and collaborate on your notes with a group or family members.

  • Import images and render the text searchable using optical character recognition.

  • Reference links are automatically inserted with everything copied and pasted from the internet.

  • Add audio and video to your notes to make them more interesting.

  • Draw with a cursor, a Surface marker, or an Apple Pencil.

  • Your notes will be synced to the cloud.


  • The web and macOS versions of OneNote don't have any of the functionality of the Windows edition.

  • Users are perplexed by the inconsistencies in functionality between OneNote 2016 and OneNote for Windows 10.


Cost: Free

Platforms: Web, Browser extensions, Android, iOS

Google Keep is similar to For your digital note-taking needs, the utility is almost identical to Post-It notes. Since it is a cloud app, it is simple and cross-platform.

Its simplicity makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a simple and easy way to capture inspiration.

The Google ecosystem includes Google Keep. It is free and has a lot of useful features for minimalists.


  • Use your Google account across all platforms.

  • Take notes and get them automatically transcribed.

  • Make copies of your thoughts and share them with others.

  • Keep on the Web is capable of converting text from embedded images into text.

  • Color-code reminders to make it easier to identify them at a glance.

  • Notes from Keep can be dragged and dropped into Google Docs.