How to start career in Cybersecurity in India

Cyberattacks are increasingly threatening governments and organizations around the world. According to research, a hack occurs every 39 seconds. Cybersecurity experts are in high demand, as websites are attacked on a daily basis.

To combat cybercrime, there is a great demand for internet security training. This is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cyber security, whether they are a student or a professional.

Cyber attacks are posing a threat to governments and enterprises across India, making cybersecurity one of the most in-demand (and thus well-paid) professions. If you meet the prerequisites, possess the necessary skills, and have the necessary

experience, you will be offered this lucrative deal for working in cybersecurity.

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How to make career in Cybersecurity in India

Undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) degree, diploma, or certification programs are available to those interested in a career in Cyber Security.

For UG degrees, you can go for:

  • B.Tech in Information Technology

  • B.Tech in Information Science & Engineering

  • B.E. in Information Technology

  • Diploma in Cyber Security

  • B.Tech in Cyber Security and Forensics

Having completed a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity opens up some career opportunities in cybersecurity government jobs in India. You can pursue a Master's degree course in Cybersecurity if you wish to pursue this field through academics.

For PG degrees, you can go for:

  • Master of Computer Application MCA

  • M.B.A. in Information Security Management

  • M.E. in Information Technology

  • M.Tech in Information Technology

  • M.Tech in Cybersecurity

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cybersecurity

Cyber Security Certifications for Beginners

5 Best Institutes to Enroll in For Studying Cyber Security Courses after 12th

Some other Universities and their courses in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Prerequisites for Jobs in India

The following are cybersecurity prerequisites one needs to understand before getting started:

  • C++, Java, Node, Python, Ruby, Go, or Power Shell knowledge are valuable assets.

  • Extensive experience in firewalls, endpoint security, and data encryption.

  • An undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field.

  • Have the ability to observe details and to solve problems with panache.

  • Have the latest understanding of Cyber Security techniques and trends.

Top Note: The pre-requisites may vary from organization to organization. Check before you apply for jobs.

Opportunities for Cybersecurity Jobs in India

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analysts assist with planning, implementing, and upgrading security controls and measures. To make sure there are no security lapses or loopholes, they continuously monitor access to security systems and perform internal and external security audits. Managing networks, vulnerability testing, and risk analyses are also tasks that a cyber security analyst conducts. To prevent breaches, analysts must also train colleagues on security awareness and procedures

Cyber Security Analyst Salary begins at Rs 6 lakhs per year.

Network Security Engineer

Every organization must have a network security engineer. Security systems ensure threats are countered and stopped by this individual within the organization. Among their main responsibilities are the maintenance of systems, the identification of vulnerabilities, and automation improvements. Moreover, they are responsible for monitoring firewalls, routers, switches, VPNs (virtual private networks), and multiple network monitoring tools.

Network Security Engineer salary begins at Rs 7 lakhs per year.

Cybersecurity Security Manager

Management of cybersecurity protocols is the responsibility of cyber security managers. A network and Internet security specialist creates strategies to improve networking and Internet security about various projects and supervises an IT team to guarantee data security at the highest level. Additionally, the cyber security manager ensures that current security policies are based on current threats by regularly reviewing existing policies. Moreover, they ensure that all servers, switches, routers, and other connected devices are safe from security loopholes by performing regular checks.

Cyber security managers salary begins at Rs 12 lakhs per year.

Security Architect

It is the role of a security architect to develop a company's network security architecture and implement it. Security architects plan, research, and design security aspects. Security systems are vulnerable to attacks without a security architect. Initial designs are created by the security architect, then implemented by the programming team. The company builds the architecture as well as the company policies and procedures for the use of security systems by its employees and decided on the penalties if lapses occur.

Security architects salary at Rs 12 lakhs per year.

Chief Information Security Officer

Currently, 80 percent of organizations employ a CISO. Cybercrime has become increasingly more prevalent among companies as they are aware of the potential damages such attacks can cause. Cybersecurity chiefs are responsible for ensuring that cyber security plans are in line with the vision, operations, and technologies of a business. By working with the employees, the CISO identifies, develops, implements, and maintains processes across an organization that prevents security breaches

It is believed that top CISOs have salaries ranging from Rs 2 crores to Rs 4 crores.

Information risk auditors, firewall and security device developers, security analysts, intrusion detection specialists, computer security incident responders, cryptologists, and vulnerability assessors are the five most sought-after cybersecurity jobs in India today, but there are plenty of other opportunities as well.

Organizations across many industries, such as banks, government, retail, and the BFSI sector, will aggressively recruit cyber security specialists, resulting in a boom in job demand for cyber security professionals. We can ensure that demand is satisfied by training people to perform these vital security responsibilities. Following their training, they will be rewarded with well-paying positions.

We tried to give complete information on How to start career in Cybersecurity in India we hope you enjoyed it.

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